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Circular No. 2019-9 of 30 August 2019 of the Labour Direction concerning the fight against harassment and violence at work

Reminders of the Direction du travail concerning the regime introduced by Act No. 1.457 of 12 December 2017 on harassment and violence at work, which “supplements the existing legislative and jurisprudential framework in the Principality” (fight against harassment, sexual blackmail, violence at work).

Persons concerned:

Employers in the private sector (regardless of their sector of activity and number of employees) and in the public sector.

• Employees and trainees in the private and public sectors.

Employer’s obligations:

Implementation of procedures (prevention, identification, cessation of prohibited acts).

• Appointment of a mandatory referent (collection of the alert) for the private sector employer with more than 10 employees, for employers governed by public law, companies operating a State monopoly.

Protection of the employee reporting the facts.

Protection of the referent.

Sanctions and jurisdiction of the Labour Court (Tribunal du travail).

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