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Legal Notice

1. Website Editor

The Website accessible at https://www.99avocats.com (hereinafter the “Website”), is published by 99 Avocats associés, Société Civile Particulière (SCP) (hereinafter “99 avocats associés”):

« Les Flots bleus »
16 rue du Gabian
MC 98000 Monaco

Phone: +377 97 70 40 70
E-mail: contact@99avocats.com

Director of Website publication: Thomas GIACCARDI, co-manager.

Maître Thomas GIACCARDI and Maître Thomas BREZZO are member of the Monaco Bar, and subject to the legal and regulatory provisions relating to the legal profession.

2. Website Host


2 rue Kellermann,
59100 Roubaix (France)
Téléphone : +33 9 72 10 10 07
Site Internet : https://www.ovh.com/

3. Website Design and technical maintenance


5 rue Antoine Gautier
06300 Nice
Téléphone : 04 89 14 60 62
Site Internet : https://www.comback.fr

4. Terms of use of the Website

The user of the Website https://www.99avocats.com (hereinafter “the user”) acknowledges having read these terms of use and agrees to respect them.

4.1. Responsibility

The user acknowledges having the skills necessary to access the Website and use it.

The user acknowledges having verified that the computer configuration used contains no viruses and is in perfect working order.

The user acknowledges using the data, information, and tools available on the Website under his exclusive responsibility.

99 Avocats associés strives to provide the user with access to the Website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, access may be suspended, limited, or interrupted at any time in order to update the Website, to introduce changes to its content or take any action necessary for the proper functioning of the Website.

99 Avocats associés cannot entirely guarantee the IT security of the Website.

99 Avocats associés cannot be held responsible for any malfunction, failure, or impossibility of access to the Website, the presence of viruses or other logical infections on the Website, and any damage suffered by the user as a result of such impairments.

99 Avocats associés strives to provide the user with data, information and tools that are available and verified.

The data, information, and publications accessible, represented, or downloadable from the Website are not exhaustive, are given for information only, and can in no way be considered as constituting any legal opinion, solicitation, prospecting, or legal service offering.

99 Avocats associés cannot guarantee that the data, information, and publications accessible or downloadable from the Website are accurate, complete, and current, and will in no way be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage resulting from their use by the user.

99 Avocats associés cannot be held responsible for the content accessible from the hypertext links published on the Website or downloadable files from the Website to other resources on the Internet.

The creation of hypertext links to the Website https://www.99avocats.com is authorized for purely informational purposes. Such a link does not in any way imply the existence of any affiliation, certification, or validation by 99 Avocats associés.

4.2. Intellectual property

The Website and each of the elements that compose it, and in particular the images, logos and contents (hereinafter the “Elements of Intellectual Property”) are protected by the law of the intellectual property.

Any extraction, exploitation or use of the Intellectual Property Elements must be carried out in accordance with the legislation in force.

The user is authorized to download and reproduce in a sustainable manner the contents of the Website, including legal news, articles, panoramas, and other information on the Website accessible from the “Publications” section, subject to the following cumulative conditions: identification of the source of the reproduced contents (Source: 99 Avocats associés

www.99avocats.com); © 99 Avocats associés; free delivery of the distribution; respect for the integrity of the reproduced content; destination that does not violate public order or morality, the rights of persons, and, in general, the legislation in force; absence of any confusion regarding the existence of any affiliation, certification or validation of 99 Avocats associés.

5. Protection of personal data

The purpose of the Website is to disseminate information relating to 99 Avocats Associés and to subjects of law, legal information, and to contact us.

The Website has been the subject of an ordinary declaration to the Commission de Contrôle des Informations Nominatives (CCIN) relating to automated processing, which purpose is “Management of the Website”.

The personal information entered on the “Newsletter subscription” form, and via the use of an electronic mailbox in the “Contact us” and “Join us” (free application) sections of the Website are collected from users.

In the absence of information required, your request can not be processed.

No personal data is collected without your knowledge.

No personal data is transferred to third parties.

The user is required to comply with the provisions of Law No. 1.165 of 23 December 1993, consolidated, whose violation is punishable by criminal penalties.

The user must, in particular, refrain from any collection, misuse and, in general, any act likely to infringe the privacy or reputation of individuals.

The user is invited to consult the Personal Data Notice accessible on the Website, and by clicking on the following link

6. Applicable Law

The Website is governed by Monegasque law.

7. Pictures copyrights

© Getty images
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© Fotolia

8. Modification of the Legal Notice

99 Avocats associés reserves the right to modify the content of the Legal Notice on the Website at any time and without prior notice.

The user is therefore invited to consult it regularly.

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Note: The French text shall prevail in any case.