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Support in the fight against harassment at school in the Principality of Monaco

The Family Law Department provides an update on Monaco's legal system for preventing and punishing harassment at school:

A few figures:

  • 20+ reports per year
  • 39 reports in 2022
  • 6000+ pupils concerned

Some of the themes of the annual campaigns:

  • 2015 Survey of the number of pupils who feel harassed
  • 2016 Breaking silence
  • 2018 Cyberviolence
  • 2019 The voice of young people
  • 2023 No to harassment

Law no. 1.513 of 3 December 2021 on the fight against harassment and violence in schools:

→ 2 aspects

  • Preventive
  • Repressive

9 objectives

  • Conferthe role of leadership on the State,
  • Regular teacher training,
  • Implementation of a prevention and combating plan,
  • Introduction of psychological and physical monitoring when dealing with harassment situations,
  • Implementation of a reporting mechanism,
  • Creation of a "harassment-violence" officer in each school,
  • Empowerment and participation of pupils,
  • Collaboration and partnership between sectors,
  • Evidence-based data collection and analysis.

3 tamended texts

  • Law no. 1.334 of 12 July 2007on education,
  • Law no. 740 of 25 March 1963 on juvenile offenders,
  • Criminal Code.

2 new educational measures

  • Reparation measure:financial compensation or compensation in kind,
  • Awareness-raising measure: work placement, activity with a health, social or professional organisation, or involving child protection.

New provisions in the Criminal Code

  • Creation of an autonomous offence of school harassment and other offences or aggravating circumstances, such as:
  • Repeated malicious telephone calls, repeated sending of malicious messages, noise attacks with a view to disturbing the peace of others,
  • Causing others to undergo or commit humiliating or degrading acts, or to consume alcohol excessively in the school environment, hazing,
  • Incitement to commit suicide,
  • Offending the dignity of minors,
  • Listening to, recording or transmitting words spoken "in private or in confidence",
  • Threatening to disseminate or bring to the attention of the public words or images of a sexual nature and aggravating circumstances linked to the victim's status,
  • Racketeering.

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