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Family law

Regional Family Law Conference: Domestic Violence

10 November 2023 (Grasse, France)

Regional Family Law Conference on Domestic Violence, organised by the Grasse Bar Association.

Participation of Julie PROUST, senior associate and Esther COURIAT, Elodie BIANCHINI, associates (Family Law Department).

* * *

Topics covered:

  • Words from practitioners of the Protection Order: the role of the requesting lawyer; the sprint of the defending lawyer; from the referral to the Court to the decision rendered.
  • Words of a psychiatrist-psychoanalyst: controlling relationships within the family.
  • The criminal side: the role of the civil party's lawyer; the difficult task of the perpetrator's lawyer; dealing with perpetrators of domestic violence in a legal context.
  • Words of a University professor: A look at the child: violence and parental authority.

* * *

99 AVOCATS is committed to the ongoing training of its team.

Domestic violence, which also exposes children, involves very specific human parameters and requires unique support throughout the legal process.

Enlightened legal practice in this context is not simply a matter of mastering the legal tools. A better understanding of the root causes of domestic violence, and of its many realities and consequences, means being able to adopt an individualised approach to better support and improve the judicial process for the people we assist, in the best interests of the child when this is at stake.

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