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05/ Apr

IT and communication law — Personal data

International Network of Privacy Law Professionals (INPLP) 2022 Activity Report

As a member of the International Network of Privacy Law Professionals (INPLP), 99 Avocats is pleased to share its 2022 Activity Report:

The network has had a very successful year 2022, with many law firms joining, nearly 100 articles published, a conference held in Vienna and various actions implemented to strengthen its development.

For the future, the network aims to intensify communication and interaction between its members by implementing various measures, such as the organisation of several short conferences when new members join INPLP or when relevant topics arise.

In addition, INPLP is evaluating the possibility of partnering with GAIA-X, a project initiated by Europe (for Europe and beyond) that brings together representatives of business, politics and science from Europe and around the world, to create a federated and secure data infrastructure. Businesses and citizens will collect and share data, while retaining control over it. They should decide what happens to their data, where it is stored, and always retain their data sovereignty.

This partnership would allow INPLP members to share their expertise and gain knowledge of the sector that could be useful for their personal projects. In addition, INPLP intends to explore further opportunities to participate in EU calls for tender.

More information > https://inplp.com/

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