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08/ Feb

Personal data

Contribution in the framework of the International Network of Privacy Law Professionals (INPLP)

“Activity of the Personal Data Supervisory Authority in Monaco”

The Personal Data Supervisory Authority (hereinafter “CCIN”) has published its 12th Activity Report covering the year 2020. This article outlines its activities in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic (1) and its consultation on the government’s draft law on the protection of personal data (2), which has just been tabled in Parliament.

INPLP is a not-for-profit international network of qualified professionals providing expert counsel on legal and compliance issues relating to data privacy and associated matters.

>> https://inplp.com/latest-news/article/monaco-activity-of-the-personal-data-supervisory-authority-ccin-in-relation-to-the-covid-19-crisis-and-the-forthcoming-reform-of-monegasque-legislation-to-comply-with-convention-108-and-gdpr-standards/


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