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01/ Feb

International and European law — IT and communication law


1st-3rd February 2024 (Biarritz)

Rozenn LEBOHEC ICYK, manager associate, and Guillaume CARDOEN, senior associate, attend the EUROJURIS FRANCE 2024 Congress, the theme of which is "Eurojuris crève l'écran! Image, Communication and New Tools for Legal Professionals".

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Academic programme:

  • Opening plenary. How is artificial intelligence changing the daily lives of lawyers? A look back at a Colombian judge's ruling on 30 January 2023 after using ChatGPT, a world first, and its consequences.
  • "Minority report" workshop. When science fiction becomes reality: AI and ChatGPT: impact on the legal profession.
  • "Damages" workshop. Generational conflicts within structures.
  • "Scandal" workshop. Lawyers, court commissioners: what you can and cannot say to the press / television.
  • "Enemy of the state" workshop. Professional secrecy put to the test by the Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing legislation and police powers.
  • "From the other side of the microphone" workshop. How do you get your podcast off the ground? What are the keys to success? How much time should you devote to it?
  • "I want to be an actress" workshop. Improvisation session for the legal professions.

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