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21/ Sep

Companies and taxation — International and European law — Family Office

4th Annual Wealth Management Global Leaders Forum

19-20 September 2023 (London)

4th Annual Wealth Management Forum - Global Leaders Forum

Participation of Patricia KEMAYOU MENGUE, Manager Associate

This high-level event, which focuses on the latest developments in wealth management, is an excellent opportunity for discussion with specialists from all over the world, and fully meets the expectations of our international clientele to be able to call on our network of independent partners abroad whenever necessary.

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Topics include:

  • "Dynastic succession structures": highlighting what works and what doesn't to prevent the decline of family assets from one generation to the next.
  • "Keeping assets in the family line": How can you protect your assets in the event of divorce? By passing assets on to the family alone. How can clients protect their estate in the event of their own or a child's divorce? The increasing use of non-trust mechanisms such as pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements.
  • "Family offices: the different types and their growth": the catalysts for this growth. Attractive jurisdictions for family offices. The tools in the family office arsenal. Co-investment opportunities and their importance.
  • "Second citizenships for mobile families and a changing world": the role of a second citizenship in the face of increased family mobility and a changing geopolitical landscape. Assisting with succession planning, in particular by helping families to navigate the EU Inheritance Regulation. Citizenship with tax implications, particularly in the United States, or e.g. exit tax, wealth tax. Access to the protection offered by investment protection agreements.
  • "Disclosure of the beneficial owner - Is the pendulum swinging?": Recent international developments in the registration, reporting and exchange of beneficial owner information in relation to trusts and corporate structures. International compliance survival guide (practical implications of different transparency and disclosure regimes; who bears the costs of compliance/complexity management - particularly for cross-border structures; privacy and data protection; audit risk and documentary approaches; risks of getting it wrong).

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"The Global Leaders Forum is a members only community with sector focused events for global groups of recommended legal professionals. The Global Leaders Forum has more than 150 leading independent law firm members from more than 100 jurisdictions around the world."

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