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23/ Oct

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United against cancer

The 99 AVOCATS team is joining the annual #PinkOctober campaign to raise awareness, prevent and fight breast cancer, and support those affected by the disease and those fighting alongside them.

Cancer is still a thorny, even taboo subject in the workplace.

Yet recognition at work is multifaceted: recognition of efficiency, recognition of commitment, recognition of results, recognition of the person themselves beyond their professional role.

There is no legal obligation to inform your employer or human resources of the nature of your illness.

However, in the case of cancer, it is difficult to hide it.

#PinkOctober is inviting organizations to break the taboo on cancer and more generally illness in the workplace. In practical terms, this means:

  • supporting people to speak out to avoid misunderstandings and discrimination, maintain inclusion and encourage solidarity in the workplace;
  • being prepared to react to the announcement of illness, as projections may differ from reality;
  • knowing how to provide support over the long term: passing on comprehensive, appropriate information on rights and key contacts inside and outside the organization, making it possible to reconcile working life and treatment, maintaining links during periods of absence, facilitating the return to work.

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