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Family law

Family and Heritage Law Symposium 2023 (19th Edition)

26-27/01/2023 (Maison de la Chimie, Paris)

Colloquium and training organised by the Conseil National des Barreaux (CNB)

On the theme: "Tools at the service of family law".

Participation of Julie PROUST, Senior Associate (Family Department), with training in the thematic workshop "Liquidation of the matrimonial regime: participation in acquests" (Advanced level)

Taking part in this major annual gathering of family practitioners is in line with 99 Avocats' policy of continuing education and sharing knowledge with other members of the profession.

Because for us, beyond the obligations of the legal profession, training means being constantly at the heart of the legal news, it is the constant improvement of our legal knowledge and our skills, it is a guarantee of quality and an additional asset in the service of our clients, in advice and in defence.

More information > https://www.cnb.avocat.fr/fr/1...

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